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Finally over…


Well I finally had our darling princess on Sunday Sept. 5th 2010, at 10:42 pm. Life threw a curve ball at me with this little drama queen though. Since 33 weeks pregnant I have been struggling with “preterm labor”, contractions, full blown soreness, pre-eclampsia scare, and now…I had to be induced for…YEP pre-eclampsia. I went in on sunday because I thought my water had been leaking and I was running a fever, which made me fear infection. Much to my surprise it was not my water that had caused issues it was the dreadful pre eclampsia showing up finally. So at 630pm I get told that Im going to be induced and have my baby soon. I went in at 4cm, 90% effaced, and station -2. By time my friend Nicole made it to the hospital after getting the kiddos to their grandmas I was still 4cm but they were starting ONLY a small dose of pitocin as I was already having contractions. Not long after that I was 6 cm and then asked for an epidural as the pain and high blood pressure was too much for me to handle. After getting the epidural I opened to 7 and asked the doc to break my water as I knew it would be only a matter of minutes after that. Which I was right it was about 15 minutes after breaking my water that I could feel her head coming down the birth canal. This was it I was soon going to meet my princess. I breathed through 2 contractions and out came her head then a tiny push and there she was! They laid her on my belly and both of us wept. My glorious little angel that I had tried to reason with for so many weeks had finally made it into the world in her very own way. I nursed her quickly and then things turned. She stopped breathing and turned purple. They tried to get her to respond but had to give her oxygen. Thankfully they allowed me to give her a kiss before taking her off to NICU. Once I was cleaned up and able to plop into a wheel chair they took me to see her. She was doing ok but not ideal. I tried to nurse her again but only to watch her forget to breathe again. This happened only a few more times. Monday morning at 5am would be her last time having a breathing episode. My darling girl was allowed back in my room monday night :). Tuesday night they were going to release us but I had started having high blood pressure again and was kept over night to see how some medication would help. It helped me so we were released wednesday morning.

Even though my plan was to birth at home unassisted for so many many months I am very happy with my birthing experience even though there was medical intervention. My case was one of many where mothers and babies TRULY need doctors and medicine. If I had been stubborn and not listened to what my body was telling me we could both be very very sick and possibly I could have lost my daughter. Im so very thankful that God gave me great instincts and has taught me to listen to my body very attentively.

Here we are nursing for the first time after birth…


Whats for Dinner=Whats for lunch


I am so shocked that I have not blogged in forever! So I will do an easy peasy meal and school lunch idea šŸ˜€ This also qualifies for MSPI meal as well.

Tonight we are having spaghetti w/ turkey meatballs and some butter bread I think. (my son w/ the allergy is for some reason ok with cows butter). Im still not into the whole veggie thing yet. Hoping when hubby comes home he will help me incorporate more veggies.

For D’s school lunch tomorrow I will pack him up some left over spaghetti with turkey meatballs, butter bread, and apple slices w/ peanut butter also send him with some Tropical fruit punch that has 100% Vitamin C as he is getting over a cold.

We are both excited because this is his first hot meal he is taking to school :D. So far it has all been cold lunches. Which were usually sandwiches of some sort or left overs which could be eaten cold.

For the spaghetti I actually use linguine noodles, tomato sauce, seasonings, etc. Then the meatballs, ground turkey, egg, seasonings, panko breadcrumbs, and let those cook in the sauce. Very very easy :D. Hope you all enjoy! Camera is out of commission so unless I get energetic and use the webcam to take a pic I will unfortunately not be sharing pics of meals until I get a new digital camera.

So Far So Good


Today is day 4 for R not having any dairy, soy, or beef. He is doing very well. Sleeping much better and seems to be happier and more energetic. The energy is probably from all the fresh fruit. He also seems to have a much better appetite. So far we have had tacos which for him i warmed up corn tortillas in goats milk butter, browned ground turkey with seasonings, and shredded goats cheese. He wasnt too thrilled about eating it without his favorite taco sauce but it had soy in it so i had to do away with it. Then last night we had breakfast for dinner. Over easy eggs, sausage links, and toast with goats butter. I also switched him to almond milk which he seems to love. He is eating so much fruit and yogurt. He absolutely adores fresh fruit. Cherries appear to be his favorite so far. I love exploring new stuff with him. And for breakfast he either has yogurt with fresh fruit or organic gluten free rice krispies with almond milk and strawberries šŸ™‚ If your child has MSPI and you need some ideas for where to find these products or what to make please message me.

~New diet for R~


So, I cant remember if I have mentioned R’s milk and soy allergy but yes Im certain he has always had milk soy protein intolerance. I just have not had it officially diagnosed because I feel the testing is too extreme. I just have cut out the obvious sources of dairy and soy for him. However, recently Ive noticed that he isnt quite completely happy and normal feeling. Seems like he is always teething. Having diahrrea and so forth. So I started doing some research and found that there was hidden soy and casein(the milk protein) in some of the foods we were eating. Sooo, I made a menu plan that didnt include ANY dairy or soy, and I mean ANY! I bought fresh fruits and veggies for us, which is going to be hard for me because I am not big on either. BUT none the less I did. I have to get used to this diet to breastfeed our little princess when she makes her appearance. IĀ  have a slight allergy to soy and dairy while pregnant too. I found out today that R is just madly in love with cherries. Oh! and for some crazy reason my darling is able to digest goats milk and goats milk products just fine. So right now he is snacking on cherries, strawberries, and goat cheese crumbles. He is in absolute heaven! A bloody mess, but heaven šŸ™‚ I’ll have to snap a picture soon and put it here in the post so you can see just how filthy fun he is. So here is our menu plan for this upcoming paycheck. Just meals, havent set days to them yet but I will be doing tacos with goat cheese tonight…


Bratwurst, potato salad, green beans-pork bratwurst and all fresh ingredients for potato salad and fresh raw green beans.
Chicken and brown rice soup-organic boneless skinless chicken breast, brown rice, organic chicken broth, salt pepper and taragon.
ham and beans-northern beans and ham with seasoning all
Spaghetti w/ meatballs-brown rice noodles, homemade spaghetti sauce, and turkey meatballs
Potato and chicken soup-brown potatoes, vegetable broth and organic chicken breast
Oven potatoes, homemade chicken nuggets, bean salad-Diced potatoes with olive oil and seasonings, chicken breast with panko bread crumbs baked, and random beans
hamburgers and sweet potato fries-turkey burgers, and sweet potatoes fried in olive oil
Tacos– ground turkey, corn tortillas, goat cheese and taco sauce.


Pasta Salad, Tuna Sandwich-rice pasta with mayo, chicken, pickles, avocado and goat cheese, tuna with mayo and pickles
Avocado, cheese, and bean quesadillas (goats cheese)-corn tortillas, avocado, goat cheese, and pinto and black beans
chicken salad sandwiches with avocado and beans-chicken, mayo, pickles, avocado, and pinto/black beans


sweet potato hashbrowns with bacon and yogurt
diced breakfast sweet potatoes, sausage, fruit, and yogurt
sweet potato pancakes, homemade strawberry or blueberry syrup, sausage and bacon
Breakfast meatloaf-sausage, eggs, breadcrumbs, pureed fruit, syrup- hashbrowns

If you need any brand names of products I bought or detailed recipes just message me and let me know. Im hoping he likes our new diet. Im sure he will as he usually hates any form of cows milk. any dairy u see or know needs to be used is substituted with an alternative. He is drinking almond, goats, or rice milk and has all goats products for the rest of his dairy products. Im also making his bread from scratch to avoid hidden dairy and soy. Hopefully in a few days he will be a completely new boy. ALSO, coconut milk ice cream is dairy and soy free! the only one so far that doesnt contain soy lecithin.

Following the GREEN trail


Our adventure going green has been slow moving but fabulous and yet terrifying all at the same time. I say it has been terrifying because of all the facts I have found out about food during my journey. If you are curious about what I mean, do some online research or take a look at the movie Food Inc, which can be found on instant stream via

So far the boys and I have almost completely switched to cloth toilet paper. This was a lot easier than I imagined. Fun as well! I love all the different prints of the fabric! So creative!

We are also trying our best to shop locally and organically. This is going to be the hardest as I am a stickler for convenience and fast food! I ADORE eating out. However, lately not the case, I get sick to my stomach every time I try to eat it. Just thinking about all the horrible stuff in it and done to it. ICK!

Today, we actually made our first compost bin! First we found an old bucket of grandpas in the garage! YAY FOR REUSING! woohoo! Next we reused soil from grandmas old plants.

Then we took the biodegradable pot from the new herbs I bought and tore that up and mixed it in with the soil.

Then we had some fruit that just spoiled so we cut it all up and threw it in there and mixed it all up. Then added a tiny bit of water to make it damp.

The boys ended up pretty filthy! However, we had a great time! Tomorrow we will be adding worms!!

We are moving into an apartment tomorrow so unfortunately we will not be planting a full grown garden. However, a dear friend of mine is going to be kind enough to let me plant some veggies in her garden if I bring my compost! Great trade off I think!

Look forward to posting more and more green updates!

I also want to add that this was a HUGE homeschooling life lesson for the boys. They learned not only about gardening but about decomposition, worms, food cycle, life cycle, and WHY exactly we are doing this organically! It was truly amazing!

Up late and pondering…


As usual Im up late…Ugh how I hate being up late. The boys decided they didnt want to go to sleep easily yet again tonight šŸ˜¦ Usually they are so good at going to bed on time. Such pleasures and no hassel. Well at bedtime lol. So here I am trying to get my alone time and trying to pry my eyes open at the same time. I finished my Finals today. Did ok. Wish I could have done better, but I did pretty good considering I didnt read hardly anything from any of my classes. SO. Thats done. I start my new semester Feb. 1st. Im ready. So ready to start fresh! Tonight I got to thinking. I wanted to challenge myself this year. I have not yet found anything of GREAT interest to blog about or challenge myself with. Or so I thought…Then I realize…I am a stay at home mom to 2 boys and pregnant with number 3, going to school full time(online), working on my doula certification, and will manage to move ALL THE WAY to Germany! Wow! Now that sounds challenging doesnt it? Also, I need to do conduct a lot of prayer on whether or not I want to take up the challenge of homeschooling. Not to mention my challenge to challenge the OB’s and do as little appointments as possible during this pregnancy. So I have my hands plenty full. No need to challenge myself at all. Not to mention we REALLY need to get on a schedule!

As far as the pregnancy is going:

I feel pretty good. Very normal so far. Tired, nauseous, headaches, and cramps. Not to mention peeing ALL the time. I still cannot eat anything sweet. I crave meat. And MILK! Mmmm Milk! However, my babies dont seem to like milk šŸ˜¦ Ive managed to down quite a few glasses so far though. šŸ™‚ I go for my initial appointment on Tuesday with Dr Rathe. I have decided to do the initial ultrasound just to be sure how many babies are in there to make sure I get proper care. If its multiple babies I will be getting normal routine prenatal care as I am not familiar with how to take care of myself with multiple babies. I have not done any home tests or anything like that. Just continuing to stay in tune with my body and baby. I am continuing to do yoga stretches which seems to be helping with the cramping. I did notice a new but very familiar symptom today. Its starting a little early this pregnancy, pressure and pain between my legs. It started sometime in the first trimester with Raymond too. Im figuring with this one it is probably just stress. Its not too bad just really sore. I didnt do anything strenuous or out of the ordinary today or yesterday.

Well as for tomorrows plan of the day, Im going to do laundry since I didnt get to it today. I also have to finish my last two homework assignments and turn those in. We had planned on going to church but Daven appears to still be sick so its probably not a good idea. We do need some groceries though šŸ˜¦ Anyways just laundry and hanging out with my kiddos tomorrow. I think we’ll do our own little service at home since we cant get out to church.

Have a blessed day readers.

More good news :)


The Lord sure is amazing! He has answered another prayer for me…The one that I have been crying about for almost a year.


I am about 5 weeks along according to LMP(Last Menstrual Period). I found out a few weeks ago but had to send hubby the news first. We are super excited to be expecting baby #3. As some of you know I have wanted to have an unassisted pregnancy. I have agreed to have certain appointments per hubby’s request.


Initial appointment-8wks

Gender/testing appointment-18wks

More testing-30 wks

Group B strep testing-35wks

This is the plan as long as everything goes healthy and as planned. šŸ™‚ I bought a Prenatal/Postnatal yoga dvd at walmart today! Oh its fabulous! Im so excited! Im also making sure to drink plenty of fluids. I like to mix half water half juice šŸ™‚ Tastes better that way lol. I also plan to get some diabetes supplies to double check my sugar levels. I will most likely be doing this right before we move. Im hoping to wait til 14 weeks but I think we will be moving before that. Therefor I will be buying my supplies here to take over there with us. Im not really doing much more than that. Just trying to listen to my body. Obey the cravings, eat healthy, and NOT load up on sugary foods. So far I havent craved any sweets. Just mainly meat. AND CHIPOTLE! I have yet to indulge in chipotle since finding out Im pregnant.OH! I am taking some vitamins. Folic acid, B6, and Red Raspberry Leaf. Folic Acid is for the babys development I believe. This is why the docs stress prenatal vitamins so much, folic acid. Prenatal pills and multivitamins do NOT like me, lol, therefor my last obgyn, Dr Rathe, told me that I could take Folic Acid by itself šŸ™‚ Thank you doc! The B6 is for energy which is VERY needing during the first trimester especially when you have other children. Red Raspberry Leaf is very good for uterine health. I started taking it about 9 months ago to help ease my symptoms from the dreaded aunt flow who didnt realize her visit was LONG OVERSTAYED ;). Im pretty much just playing everything by ear. Trying to keep the pregnancy natural and peaceful.

I intend on posting at least a weekly update on how im doing. I might even do some pics in a few weeks. Depends. I took photos every week with Raymond. However, I dont see the growth being that much different so Im not really motivated to this time around. If you have any questions about unassisted prenatal care or limited prenatal care please feel free to leave a comment.

God Bless!