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One Thousand Gifts


I recently came across a wonderful page called a holy experience and the lady on there has started what she calls Gratitude Monday and a list of one thousand gifts God has given her that she is thankful for. Lately I have been down in the dumps…and stumbling upon this was nothing short of a God given sign. So here I am participating in Gratitude Monday. I havent decided if I will only post once a week or everday. But lets just start with today…

  1. My Husband
  2. My children
  3. D’s demanding will to take charge
  4. R’s energetic attitude
  5. Both of my son’s curiosity
  6. To have children that give me a reason to get out of bed every morning
  7. Money to purchase food to feed their hungry mouths
  8. all of my husbands wonderful characteristics and flaws
  9. my metabolism
  10. my internet

Would you care to read how it all got started? I encourage you to browse around on her page as well. She is truly blessed and a blessing!

holy experience


When is it enough?


Lately I had a conversation with hubby about my standards for myself and my days. I often try to take on too much or set to high of standards for myself, then I either abandon them because its such a mountain or I fail miserably. It’s very hard being a stay at home mom. Always trying to feel busy enough. Trying to make the house clean enough. Kids smart and busy enough. Why is it that we homemakers let ourselves get so overwhelmed. I find myself making to do lists for the house and projects but thats not the reason Im a homemaker now is it? No, I became a stay at home mother when we decided it was more expensive for me to work outside of the home than it was to stay home with D. About 15 months later I realized what it meant to be a homemaker. However, until recently that vision too was blurred. I envisioned my days starting before the sun rose, making my husband breakfast, sending him off to work, and then spending my days on cleaning and projects then ending with a successful healthy dinner followed by cleaning up the house AGAIN. Not in one place do I see wrapping myself up in the children. If our reason for being a stay at home mom is to give our children a happy healthy childhood then why is it we find ourselves wrapped up in our house?

When I moved into my new apartment it didnt feel like home until I scattered toys all in the living room. Then I stood there and breathed in deeply exclaiming, “Now it feels like home.” As stay at home mothers we should try to focus on what our TRUE reason is for being home. I have a feeling that almost none of us stayed home so that we could keep up on housework.  My to do list for today included going to the laundrymat to do a load of laundry and stopping by the store to pick up some jelly. However, Ive decided to stay at home and play with my little boy. Oh and throw some homework in the mix too. That is a necessity right now.

It sucks that we often get too wrapped up in to do lists and “life” that we forget to stop and admire our children. Im not saying that all stay at home moms feel this way but I’ve noticed from forums and friends that we just dont get ENOUGH done in our days. However if you ask a mother everything she went through in that day, it was probably rather exhausting. She most likely had to clean up a few messes, cared for animals(if she has any), cooked AT LEAST 3 meals, managed nap time, bath time, perhaps story time, avoided sibling fights, sat kids in time out, and somehwhere in there she managed somehow to take a moment to breathe. Most likely only done while locking herself in the bathroom to pee lol.

Mommies, try to be a little easier on yourselves. Try to focus on the kiddos and then throw something else into the mix when its only necessary or can logically be worked in without frustrating you, the kids, or making you horribly exhausted.

When is it enough? It will be ENOUGH when you make it ENOUGH.

According to Hollywood Labor Pains Are A Scream!


So, I just finished watching Labor Pains with Lindsay Lohan. The movie is about a girl who pretends to be pregnant in order to keep her job. Don’t be too quick to judge the main character’s character, she is doing it because she is raising her high school sister by herself when she is in her mid-twenties. The movie over all is hilarious and fantastic. So much humor and truth about what its REALLY like to be pregnant. All the pain, discomfort, and let’s not forget embarrassing moments. However, the ending, well that’s what upset me. One of the pregnant women is screaming and screaming about how awful the contractions are, which yes they can be and most of the time are horrible and YES I too did scream with some of mine. The way Lindsay Lohan’s character responds about rushing her to the hospital and this that and the other sort of put me off. I tried to brush it off. The closing scene though, now that’s what really drove me to write this review. I really hope someone in the medical field or Hollywood catches wind of this too. She starts contracting at work. Everyone of course starts rushing her out the door. Panicking. And I hear someone yell that she definitely should get the epidural…well something to that extent, epidural was definitely pushed out there. Well Hollywood…way to scare pregnant women into thinking labor is painful and horrible and should only be done drugged in a hospital. But again, overall the film is quite hilarious and entertaining. Hollywood should however think about NOT putting out such a horrible image of labor. Maybe they should invest in some midwives and start promoting healthy pregnant women giving home births in a safe and well managed environment. Then, maybe we can start making a difference.

Special Outing


The boys and I went on a wonderful outing today! We ventured out to the Wildlife World Zoo here in phoenix, AZ. I had been to this particular zoo about 8 years ago I would say and it was very bland. HOWEVER, when we went today it was completely different! They have added soo many things! We took the double stroller and I pushed them around and we saw and did everything! With the exception of the log ride cause R was too small. We had such a delightful time! I thought for sure I would be pulling my hair out halfway through but nope we all had a great time and enjoyed seeing all the animals!

If you’re in the area and want to have a nice time out with the kiddos I recommend this zoo 😀

Getting back on track…hopefully


After tons and tons of research my husband and I have finally found a curriculum that will meet all of D’s and I’s needs. It is a catholic curriculum called Catholic Heritage. They have curriculum guides for you to look at on their website so you can see what the lesson plans look like. I really like how the whole thing is set up and that it blends in our catholic beliefs. Im really hoping that D starting school again will help calm his attitude down. I ordered his curriculum today so hopefully it will be here by next week. Then I can sit down for a few days and look over everything and get comfortable with it and then be able to start him on it. I know I should get some arts and crafts for him too. Maybe we’ll take a trip to the zoo soon too before it gets too hot out!

R and I are getting on a better schedule. We are usually up by 9am which is a great improvement! It probably helps that Im starting to feel less and less morning sickness as the days go on. Now I just need to get D back on schedule. He has been off schedule since grandpa got really sick. With my aunt here she is sleeping in his room and he has been sleeping with me. Which is hard for any of us to get any sleep. Hopefully we’ll get the hang of it soon.

We are still waiting to get moved to Germany. It is taking forever and everything seems to be going wrong. But we’ll get there eventually I guess. J is doing good there though he says its beautiful and as of last week it was starting to warm up a little so we might just miss the snowy season this year :).

Up late and pondering…


As usual Im up late…Ugh how I hate being up late. The boys decided they didnt want to go to sleep easily yet again tonight 😦 Usually they are so good at going to bed on time. Such pleasures and no hassel. Well at bedtime lol. So here I am trying to get my alone time and trying to pry my eyes open at the same time. I finished my Finals today. Did ok. Wish I could have done better, but I did pretty good considering I didnt read hardly anything from any of my classes. SO. Thats done. I start my new semester Feb. 1st. Im ready. So ready to start fresh! Tonight I got to thinking. I wanted to challenge myself this year. I have not yet found anything of GREAT interest to blog about or challenge myself with. Or so I thought…Then I realize…I am a stay at home mom to 2 boys and pregnant with number 3, going to school full time(online), working on my doula certification, and will manage to move ALL THE WAY to Germany! Wow! Now that sounds challenging doesnt it? Also, I need to do conduct a lot of prayer on whether or not I want to take up the challenge of homeschooling. Not to mention my challenge to challenge the OB’s and do as little appointments as possible during this pregnancy. So I have my hands plenty full. No need to challenge myself at all. Not to mention we REALLY need to get on a schedule!

As far as the pregnancy is going:

I feel pretty good. Very normal so far. Tired, nauseous, headaches, and cramps. Not to mention peeing ALL the time. I still cannot eat anything sweet. I crave meat. And MILK! Mmmm Milk! However, my babies dont seem to like milk 😦 Ive managed to down quite a few glasses so far though. 🙂 I go for my initial appointment on Tuesday with Dr Rathe. I have decided to do the initial ultrasound just to be sure how many babies are in there to make sure I get proper care. If its multiple babies I will be getting normal routine prenatal care as I am not familiar with how to take care of myself with multiple babies. I have not done any home tests or anything like that. Just continuing to stay in tune with my body and baby. I am continuing to do yoga stretches which seems to be helping with the cramping. I did notice a new but very familiar symptom today. Its starting a little early this pregnancy, pressure and pain between my legs. It started sometime in the first trimester with Raymond too. Im figuring with this one it is probably just stress. Its not too bad just really sore. I didnt do anything strenuous or out of the ordinary today or yesterday.

Well as for tomorrows plan of the day, Im going to do laundry since I didnt get to it today. I also have to finish my last two homework assignments and turn those in. We had planned on going to church but Daven appears to still be sick so its probably not a good idea. We do need some groceries though 😦 Anyways just laundry and hanging out with my kiddos tomorrow. I think we’ll do our own little service at home since we cant get out to church.

Have a blessed day readers.

Sometimes its pointless to plan


R has been sick since christmas eve and has yet to recover. I took him to urgent care last week and he was diagnosed with an ear infection. Last night he was coughing so bad that he stopped breathing then started vomiting all over the place. This happened while he was sleeping poor baby. So I took him right away to the hospital. They discovered that he has now developed pneumonia. Whew. It sucks! Poor boy is coughing SO much at night. We barely get any sleep. Then he’s up with the sun cause he doesnt sleep well during daylight unless its naptime. Anyways he has a follow up appointment tomorrow. So hopefully doctor will have a better plan than antibiotics that plain are not working for him.

On another note. Im working hard to try to get on schedule but not working very well with a sick kiddo. Hoping to get everything caught back up on my break from school which starts the 24th. Gotta get everything cleaned and organized. Oh and get boxes went through for moving.

Im also reading the Duggar’s book which is amazing! I am learning a lot about them and about what I want for our family. Hubby and I have hoped for a large family. We dont have a number but just what is in Gods plan for us. We also do not want to be in debt all the time. The Duggar’s went to a financial seminar in ther early years of marriage, they learned to not owe any man debt. Instead, to save up for whatever you needed or wanted. All needs become before wants. Therefor, Im going to sit down soon…Hopefully with Hubby if they send him home right after training. I am going to go through all our debts and what needs pay off and set up a method to pay it all off. As well as every month set aside money for needs or wants in savings. Not being able to purchase right away at the store. We need to sit down and talk before making purchases.

Hope you all have a blessed day!

By the way, keep an eye out for my newly developed chicken cordon bleu lasagna its in the works now. 🙂