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And on to Another Journey


As I struggle with a family of 3, being pregnant, AND being a military spouse, I now am on the journey to FOUR children on top of it all! I have yet to find a “routine” for cleaning that has worked for more than a few hours. YEP thats right a mere few hours! I cannot seem to keep myself motivated! Let alone my children who I feel are a correct age to be doing age appropriate chores. So now that this journey absolutely HAS to begin I figured I would let you in on what it is I am going to try. I failed terribly at FlyLady which I never really was a fan of in the first place, although I know it has been a miracle worker for many many women. I also attempted the Home Management Binder which was more successful than anything.

Yet, here I find myself buried in clothes, dishes, and miscellaneous items. Hoping to figure something out that can keep me from the MASS weekend cleanups!











Also, since I am organizing anyways and I absolutely LOVE couponing (yes my darling husband I used it as a verb!)..I will be sharing what I find to be the best deals going on in my area and just how it is I go about saving WITHOUT spending ALL my time clipping coupons.











Hope you enjoy the new journey and the continuation of my blog.


When is it enough?


Lately I had a conversation with hubby about my standards for myself and my days. I often try to take on too much or set to high of standards for myself, then I either abandon them because its such a mountain or I fail miserably. It’s very hard being a stay at home mom. Always trying to feel busy enough. Trying to make the house clean enough. Kids smart and busy enough. Why is it that we homemakers let ourselves get so overwhelmed. I find myself making to do lists for the house and projects but thats not the reason Im a homemaker now is it? No, I became a stay at home mother when we decided it was more expensive for me to work outside of the home than it was to stay home with D. About 15 months later I realized what it meant to be a homemaker. However, until recently that vision too was blurred. I envisioned my days starting before the sun rose, making my husband breakfast, sending him off to work, and then spending my days on cleaning and projects then ending with a successful healthy dinner followed by cleaning up the house AGAIN. Not in one place do I see wrapping myself up in the children. If our reason for being a stay at home mom is to give our children a happy healthy childhood then why is it we find ourselves wrapped up in our house?

When I moved into my new apartment it didnt feel like home until I scattered toys all in the living room. Then I stood there and breathed in deeply exclaiming, “Now it feels like home.” As stay at home mothers we should try to focus on what our TRUE reason is for being home. I have a feeling that almost none of us stayed home so that we could keep up on housework.  My to do list for today included going to the laundrymat to do a load of laundry and stopping by the store to pick up some jelly. However, Ive decided to stay at home and play with my little boy. Oh and throw some homework in the mix too. That is a necessity right now.

It sucks that we often get too wrapped up in to do lists and “life” that we forget to stop and admire our children. Im not saying that all stay at home moms feel this way but I’ve noticed from forums and friends that we just dont get ENOUGH done in our days. However if you ask a mother everything she went through in that day, it was probably rather exhausting. She most likely had to clean up a few messes, cared for animals(if she has any), cooked AT LEAST 3 meals, managed nap time, bath time, perhaps story time, avoided sibling fights, sat kids in time out, and somehwhere in there she managed somehow to take a moment to breathe. Most likely only done while locking herself in the bathroom to pee lol.

Mommies, try to be a little easier on yourselves. Try to focus on the kiddos and then throw something else into the mix when its only necessary or can logically be worked in without frustrating you, the kids, or making you horribly exhausted.

When is it enough? It will be ENOUGH when you make it ENOUGH.

Internet…Bad or Good?


Tonight im voting bad! I had planned on going to sleep early. But now its almost 1am and I find myself STILL stuck on my computer. Looking up this and that…Its wednesday and I still didnt do any homework. How is it that I can manage to spend countless hours on a dumb computer?! I do not know! But maybe this should be my new years resolution! To not spend more than an alloted time on the computer! Unless of course Im ACTUALLY completing homework! Im sure my house would be cleaner, I would get more sleep, and maybe just maybe dear D would behave better. Although most of my computer hours are spent while the boys are sleeping. I only do about an hour during the day while they are awake. BUT STILL! HOURS! I have been on this thing since 8pm almost 5 hours! Oh the Bible study and cleaning I could get done in that time! Thats it! Tomorrow Im going to sit down and decide how much time I should get a day for the computer. AND STICK WITH IT! Sure its going to be hard. However, its necessary! Anyone else care to join me? You should…Just like the TV its stealing our lives…Yes its just an object and only we can allow something to steal our time. But we ARE allowing it. Its time its stopped! How can I be a good christian wife/mom if Im not even reading my Bible every night! I need to get back on track with school, cleaning, my challenges on here, D’s homeschooling, and last but definitely not least, my Bible reading!

Tomorrow night I will give myself enough time to write an update. Good night dear readers 🙂

On our own again…


Today hubby left to head back to training…bleh, this never gets easy. But oh well. Gotta do it anyways.

Today D is starting kindergarten here at home! We are starting the school day at 9am 🙂 Which is pretty early for us. We had to get up at 530 this morning to get ready to take daddy to the airport.

Next on the list is some cleaning. Im going to get the kitchen done and then take the trash out of the bedroom and bathroom. I probably wont have the time or energy to get all the clothes put away so I will most likely tackle that tomorrow.

Then, it will be bedtime, and time for mommy to do her homework.

Dont really have anything planned for dinner, was going to make chicken noodle soup but idk if Im going to. Not really up to going to the store right now. I have chicken so maybe I will make fried chicken fingers for the boys or something like that.

OH and I need to pay bills. Almost forgot about that with hubby being here. Well, time to get going with my day. Have a blessed day!

And….for anyone wondering. I will probably be starting back up the FlyLady challenge on Monday. That gives me a week to get things back to normal before I rush into things too much.

And just when you get it all planned…


So nothing went according to plan today. I didnt get nearly anything on my checklist done. Ray was cranky all day from teething and either was being held or crying. It was rough. I did a quick and easy crockpot meal and spent all day catering to the boys. It was an ok day 🙂 but not productive with cleaning or my to do list. I did manage to get our hotel booked for the weekend josh gets home. As well as cleaning up after dinner. So I guess thats something 🙂 Im exhausted tonight so I must retire. Tomorrow I will be finishing up today’s to do list. Which includes going to base. Goodnight

Back to Base


Tomorrow me and the boys are heading to the AirForce Base so that I can get my military ID and get all of us enrolled in TriCare! Yay! While we are there Im going to do the boys’ lessons with them. Or thats what I am planning anyways. D is wanting to learn about vikings so that is the lesson theme for now! He is really thrilled about it. On Monday we used his letter shaped paint sponges so that he could spell out the word “viking”. It was amazing that he picked up on how it was spelled on his first try after I spelled it the first time. It was so wonderful! If I would have had him sit down with a pen and paper he wouldnt have wanted to do it. However because it was painting and different. I think next time we will go out in the yard and use rocks to spell out a word or two! Today I found some $3 books at walmart so I got a few. Two berensteins bears books, “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”, and “I love you stinky face”. So the boys were excited about that. Also I got a white board that has the seven days on the left side with space to jot down a schedule, then a to do list section then a notes section! I have it propped up on a cubby next to the dresser so when I wake up I see it right away. Also on the list for tomorrow is to do bible lessons with the boys, find some good priced modest dresses online, and get some homework done. Raymond had a hard time getting to sleep tonight. Well first he went to sleep around 8 I think. We always come to bed at 8 but he fell asleep right away. Then woke up around 9ish I think. He was screaming and crying. I gave him his milk and tried to hold him. I thought it was his tummy but nope. Then he kept pointing inside his mouth. I asked him if his teeth hurt and he kept pointing and crying so I gave him tylenol and some homeopathic gum numbing stuff. After that he just wanted to play. He just now fell asleep within the last 20 minutes and its 11:38 now.

I also purchased the Home Management Binder Ebook from Keeping The Home! Im SOOO excited to read it! Ive been wanting to get it for almost 2 years now. Idk why I didnt get it before it was only $10. I finally did it!

Well I must get to sleep. Hope to be getting organized and back to blogging and writing the bible study if God still wants me to.

God bless!

Wonderful comes in a blue!


I am so ecstatic for tomorrow! Tonight I went out and bought the boys’ school stuff so we can do more lessons and fun activities! Paints, baby crayons, giant paper tablets, letter stamps, etc.

Lesson Plan for Tuesday

Compare Leaves of two plants

Have D write in his journal about the plants, their similarities and differences. Then draw a picture of the plants.

If we have time, have him start on leaf poster project.

Have music/dance time with the boys.

Story time and work on sign language.

R is learning fish this week 🙂 Need to figure out some new signs for D too

Mommas School To-Do List

Read Chapter 6 in Criminal Justice

Do research for CRMJ Paper.

Read Chapter 7 in Foundations

For the FlyLady challenge we are starting back on Day 10 since I got sick and was not able to complete this day. Hopefully I will be able to complete all this stuff! I think if I stick with it I should be able to. My schoolwork really should only take about 2 hours so if I do an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, maybe when I put the boys down, then I will be good. Well I better get to sleep so I have plenty of energy to do all this in the morning 🙂