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What is “preterm labor” REALLY??


After 4 weeks of what doctors like to call preterm labor…My body has calmed down and my darling princess has nestled in for a little bit longer. Now as I look back on our trecherous “adventures” that we went through the last four weeks I wonder if any of it was necessary?? She is in posterior position. Which both of my boys were as well. Well im wondering if this “preterm labor” these doctors freak about and then my children decide to wait til full term, is JUST preparation. Posterior labors are often known to be much more strenuous and long. Perhaps my body just gets an early start so I do not have to do all the work at once? This is what I think is happening. I do not feel that any of the medication was really necessary now that I look back on it. However, in the moment I was scared for my darling tiny baby. Im so glad that contractions have slowed down and nearly stopped. I only have a few belly tightening cramps now, which is much easier to deal with.

Now as my darling daughter and I go into our next phase of not waiting but preparing for our wonderful meeting, Im so entrigued to meet her and have that journey together called “labor”. I think that birth should be renamed. The word labor definitely has a negative connotation I think. But anyways. My visions of an unassisted homebirth become clear once again. I envision birthing her late in the evening after R has already been moved from his bed to mine. Dealing calmly and peacefully with every contraction there on the bed beside my peacefully sleeping boy until I feel the need to throw up which tells me Im in transition. Then to birth her over a blanket placed on the floor next to the bed. Followed by checking her and I over in the bath and washing off. Then returning to bed to nurse her back to sleep. Ideally never waking R. I know this is probably NOT going to happen in this way but it is very very nice to dream about :D. The next few weeks will be spent getting everything in order for her and my family. My house needs some serious recovery from 4 weeks of bedrest/labor. Plus I need to get my van running again and car seats all installed. Lots to do and glad she is being ever so patient now. Hoping to, no GOING to enjoy the next few weeks patiently waiting to meet my wonderful princess!


Whats for Dinner=Whats for lunch


I am so shocked that I have not blogged in forever! So I will do an easy peasy meal and school lunch idea πŸ˜€ This also qualifies for MSPI meal as well.

Tonight we are having spaghetti w/ turkey meatballs and some butter bread I think. (my son w/ the allergy is for some reason ok with cows butter). Im still not into the whole veggie thing yet. Hoping when hubby comes home he will help me incorporate more veggies.

For D’s school lunch tomorrow I will pack him up some left over spaghetti with turkey meatballs, butter bread, and apple slices w/ peanut butter also send him with some Tropical fruit punch that has 100% Vitamin C as he is getting over a cold.

We are both excited because this is his first hot meal he is taking to school :D. So far it has all been cold lunches. Which were usually sandwiches of some sort or left overs which could be eaten cold.

For the spaghetti I actually use linguine noodles, tomato sauce, seasonings, etc. Then the meatballs, ground turkey, egg, seasonings, panko breadcrumbs, and let those cook in the sauce. Very very easy :D. Hope you all enjoy! Camera is out of commission so unless I get energetic and use the webcam to take a pic I will unfortunately not be sharing pics of meals until I get a new digital camera.

Finally allowed to nest!


The final nesting stage has hit and Im so excited! Now that Im out of the clear with all the preterm labor crap and scares I can clean til my little heart is content. As most of you know I moved into my new apartment in April. And by the looks of it you would swear I Β just moved in a week ago which must have been the same time that random hurricane hit in PHOENIX! lol Cause it seriously looks like boxes and stuff magically landed EVERYWHERE throughout the apartment. My main goal is to get ALL the trash and unnecessary crap out of my house and into the garbage dumpsters. Then I want to wash ALL my laundry and fold and put into dressers or put into a cubby for storage. After that its going through the boxes that have taken over my room and completely taken my wonderfully large closet hostage! Then I think I will tackle the easier tasks, like going through the kids’ toys, clothes, etc. This all does not exclude the scrubbing of every inch of the house and vacuuming so much my neighbors start to complain πŸ˜‰ Must get everything ready for my little princess to arrive. Im hoping thats why she has only teased me into thinking she’s coming instead of actually showing up early πŸ˜€ Im kind of hoping she’ll be fashionably late so I dont have to do this all in 3 weeks lol.

Unusual cleaning tasks I am looking forward to:

Cleaning the shower curtains


Ceiling fan



and…Im sure I’ll think of more πŸ˜€