~New diet for R~


So, I cant remember if I have mentioned R’s milk and soy allergy but yes Im certain he has always had milk soy protein intolerance. I just have not had it officially diagnosed because I feel the testing is too extreme. I just have cut out the obvious sources of dairy and soy for him. However, recently Ive noticed that he isnt quite completely happy and normal feeling. Seems like he is always teething. Having diahrrea and so forth. So I started doing some research and found that there was hidden soy and casein(the milk protein) in some of the foods we were eating. Sooo, I made a menu plan that didnt include ANY dairy or soy, and I mean ANY! I bought fresh fruits and veggies for us, which is going to be hard for me because I am not big on either. BUT none the less I did. I have to get used to this diet to breastfeed our little princess when she makes her appearance. I  have a slight allergy to soy and dairy while pregnant too. I found out today that R is just madly in love with cherries. Oh! and for some crazy reason my darling is able to digest goats milk and goats milk products just fine. So right now he is snacking on cherries, strawberries, and goat cheese crumbles. He is in absolute heaven! A bloody mess, but heaven 🙂 I’ll have to snap a picture soon and put it here in the post so you can see just how filthy fun he is. So here is our menu plan for this upcoming paycheck. Just meals, havent set days to them yet but I will be doing tacos with goat cheese tonight…


Bratwurst, potato salad, green beans-pork bratwurst and all fresh ingredients for potato salad and fresh raw green beans.
Chicken and brown rice soup-organic boneless skinless chicken breast, brown rice, organic chicken broth, salt pepper and taragon.
ham and beans-northern beans and ham with seasoning all
Spaghetti w/ meatballs-brown rice noodles, homemade spaghetti sauce, and turkey meatballs
Potato and chicken soup-brown potatoes, vegetable broth and organic chicken breast
Oven potatoes, homemade chicken nuggets, bean salad-Diced potatoes with olive oil and seasonings, chicken breast with panko bread crumbs baked, and random beans
hamburgers and sweet potato fries-turkey burgers, and sweet potatoes fried in olive oil
Tacos– ground turkey, corn tortillas, goat cheese and taco sauce.


Pasta Salad, Tuna Sandwich-rice pasta with mayo, chicken, pickles, avocado and goat cheese, tuna with mayo and pickles
Avocado, cheese, and bean quesadillas (goats cheese)-corn tortillas, avocado, goat cheese, and pinto and black beans
chicken salad sandwiches with avocado and beans-chicken, mayo, pickles, avocado, and pinto/black beans


sweet potato hashbrowns with bacon and yogurt
diced breakfast sweet potatoes, sausage, fruit, and yogurt
sweet potato pancakes, homemade strawberry or blueberry syrup, sausage and bacon
Breakfast meatloaf-sausage, eggs, breadcrumbs, pureed fruit, syrup- hashbrowns

If you need any brand names of products I bought or detailed recipes just message me and let me know. Im hoping he likes our new diet. Im sure he will as he usually hates any form of cows milk. any dairy u see or know needs to be used is substituted with an alternative. He is drinking almond, goats, or rice milk and has all goats products for the rest of his dairy products. Im also making his bread from scratch to avoid hidden dairy and soy. Hopefully in a few days he will be a completely new boy. ALSO, coconut milk ice cream is dairy and soy free! the only one so far that doesnt contain soy lecithin.


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