Week Two of Re-Nursing


R is doing very well with establishing a bond with the boobies 🙂 He is getting much more comfortable with popping on and off of my nipples. He has only tried to suck once and has only had a fresh drop of colostrum once. Im still trying to locate my pump to be able to pump milk and get him used to the taste. But right now im more concerned with getting him comfortable with the act and closeness of breastfeeding. Today he totally shocked me! I was sitting down going pee when he came into the bathroom, lifted my shirt popped on and off of both breasts and then said thank you, put my shirt back down, and ran off. It was SO wonderful! I had not even mentioned mommy milk yet today 🙂 He has been open to them much more today. I cant tell you how many times he made his attempts. As I put him to bed I said “say night night to boobies” He laid his head on each on saying “nigh nigh boobie” then latched on and off and then said night night to mommy and laid down. It brings me so much joy to see his comfort and enjoyment. Its nice to be gaining back the closeness. We have always had a wonderful relationship but this is such a different kind of closeness.

As far as milk production goes. I dont believe I will have a problem once I start pumping. Im taking nettle 2 pills 3x a day and drinking raspberry tea and mothers milk. Rumor is that fenugreek is NOT recommended during pregnancy but mothers milk has such a small amount that Im going to see how it goes with just drinking one cup every few days. You can also take marshmallow pills while pregnant to help increase supply. OH! Of course oatmeal too! Im going to start the oatmeal soon. Perhaps tonight. Im not a fan of it but willing to do it to help get a supply going. If you have any questions about relactation or nursing while pregnant please feel free to comment 🙂

Not a personal picture but an image I came across that I found absolutely beautiful!


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