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Following the GREEN trail


Our adventure going green has been slow moving but fabulous and yet terrifying all at the same time. I say it has been terrifying because of all the facts I have found out about food during my journey. If you are curious about what I mean, do some online research or take a look at the movie Food Inc, which can be found on instant stream via

So far the boys and I have almost completely switched to cloth toilet paper. This was a lot easier than I imagined. Fun as well! I love all the different prints of the fabric! So creative!

We are also trying our best to shop locally and organically. This is going to be the hardest as I am a stickler for convenience and fast food! I ADORE eating out. However, lately not the case, I get sick to my stomach every time I try to eat it. Just thinking about all the horrible stuff in it and done to it. ICK!

Today, we actually made our first compost bin! First we found an old bucket of grandpas in the garage! YAY FOR REUSING! woohoo! Next we reused soil from grandmas old plants.

Then we took the biodegradable pot from the new herbs I bought and tore that up and mixed it in with the soil.

Then we had some fruit that just spoiled so we cut it all up and threw it in there and mixed it all up. Then added a tiny bit of water to make it damp.

The boys ended up pretty filthy! However, we had a great time! Tomorrow we will be adding worms!!

We are moving into an apartment tomorrow so unfortunately we will not be planting a full grown garden. However, a dear friend of mine is going to be kind enough to let me plant some veggies in her garden if I bring my compost! Great trade off I think!

Look forward to posting more and more green updates!

I also want to add that this was a HUGE homeschooling life lesson for the boys. They learned not only about gardening but about decomposition, worms, food cycle, life cycle, and WHY exactly we are doing this organically! It was truly amazing!


Green Films


Lately I have been on this green kick and trying to get as much info as possible! A friend of mine mentioned a documentary, “Food Inc.” I had heard of it but I have been to scared to watch it for the fear that I would be afraid of eating. LOL. Yes, me, afraid of eating. I caved and finally watched it. I must say I am severely glad I did and disgusted I did at the same time. The documentary is AMAZING, so dont get me wrong there. The people who made this are genius! However, the information that is in it is just tear jerking for sure. I dont want to spoil it by telling you all the devastating facts. I will tell you that I highly highly recommend every person watch it. If you are a thinking person who cares at all about yourself you will want to change at least one way how you buy your products or rather from WHO and WHERE!

The other movie I had the most wonderful pleasure of watching was, “No Impact Man.” This movie is about a man and his family who live in NYC and he decides to do this no impact project to where he will be having no negative impact on the earth for a whole year! Its so amazing! Not to mention extremely inspirational.

Both of these movies can be found on instant stream via! You can sign up for a free trial to view them :). After watching both of these movies, the info and see what else there is on the topics. But also check out they are doing another week long no impact challenge starting april 18th which means it will be happening during Earth Day! What a wonderful way to spend earth day and the week it falls in!

I hope you all enjoy these films and are inspired to make some change :D.