Jumping on the Green Bandwagon…AGAIN?


So last year I felt compelled to try to reduce my FOOTPRINT! LOL I tried out cloth diapers, which I truly did love! But then moved in with my parents, ugh, who didnt quite think it was all that fantastic. Mix that up with ONLY being allowed to wash laundry between 9pm-9am everynight with weekends being discounted as well…and that sort of ruined my whole cloth diaper thing. I tried the recycling thing too. But we had to drive a ways to drop off the recycling after listening to my parents complain about the recycling…so that too went away.

Now, I find myself feeling guilty once more. As well as wanting to save some money during these trying times. My 18 month old is almost ready to be out of dipes. So I really do not want to buy a ton of cloth diapers when he will be out of them soon. Plus we plan to use Elimination Communication from birth with the newborn. SO that is out of the question. I am thinking about using cloth wipes on him though as we do go through OH SO MANY! I use 2-4 on poopy diapers and one for every pee diaper. Now, I find out about family cloth and unpaper towels…HMMM I think. Would my hubby and kids be on board for this one too? Normally, my hubby is on board for anything that will help us to save money. Oh btw for those of you who are unfamiliar with family cloth it is cloth toilet paper. I KNOW, I shuddered the first time too lol. But when you think about comfort and then how much money you will save. Its definitely worth it. Even if you just use it for pees! In my house it would just be me using them since Im surrounded by boys! However, I would have the cloth  wipeys for baby.

Oh! I also tried cloth menstrual pads. Let me tell you this was my favorite! I adored sewing them up, sold a few for profit, and got hooked! These are a life saver! Not only do they save you a TON of money, they also bring you loads and loads of comfort!

So now I have the idea of cloth wipeys, unpaper towels, and POSSIBLY family well another side of mommy cloth since the boys probably wouldnt join in.

This is just the cloth side of being green as well. I also want to crochet myself some reusable shopping bags AND produce bags! I HATE HATE HATE that walmart and every where else offers tons of reusable shopping bags and then you go to grab veggies and BAM PLASTIC BAGS!!! Make some dag on REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS! GEE WHIZ!! Sooo this leaves me to crochet some for myself 😀 Which of course I will enjoy doing 🙂 Next, water bottles. I adore bottled water. This will be a hard one for me. Its so convenient! I must though, MUST, get some of the reusable metal looking water bottles. Im just worried it will taste as if Im drinking out of a METAL CONTAINER! YUCK! Well we’ll see.

So Im sure you’re all wondering “WHY IN THE WORLD IS SHE POSTING ALL THIS?” My main reason is to of course to share 🙂 However, I want to see how much money you can TRULY  save making these few changes.

This wonderful organic lady has a savings list and I would like to do one of my own and then also add in the cost of laundry for the cloth products.

Hope you all enjoy my savings 😀 I’ll do it for umm lets see…Lets try 6 months. I’ll start April 1st 😀

If you care to join me please leave a comment so I can follow your blog as well!


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