Monthly Archives: February 2010

Love is amazing…


…especially when you have tons of people to give it to and receive it from. 🙂 Ive been thinking about why I want a large family lately. And to be completely honest with you all, while pregnant with SEVERE morning sickness its a challenge to EVER desire to feel this bad again. LOL However, I know that this too shall pass. Also, knowing that I will hold this bundle of joy in my arms and nourish him or her into a speedy toddler, is motivation enough.

As most of you have already decided Im not the normal american wife lol. I am a stay at home mom by choice, I want to homeschool, I have covered my head, I dont like to spank my children, I co-sleep, I do NOT let my children cry it out, nor do I sleep train them…And I know someone choose these paths and Im not going to give an opinion on them right now lol but along with my not normal life Im adding another not normal action.

Im choosing to have a homebirth unassisted for this baby. Let me rephrase that, my husband and I after a lot of research, prayer, and consideration WE together have decided that an unasssisted homebirth is our goal for this pregnancy and birth. This of course is our plan as long as the pregnancy is a healthy one :). I will be purchasing a birth kit and some literature for things I am not completely educated on. I want to be completely prepared. Although I know that the Lord has given us women the power to birth AND intuition to know when to seek help from others wiser than us. Which is the important part of having a homebirth. No matter how bad you want your birth to go a certain way, you ALWAYS have to know when to step back and let someone help you IF you truly need that help. So far I have had GREAT labors and births 🙂 Now if I could just have my pregnancies that way lol. Although besides for the morning sickness I would have to say I have more energy and happiness with this pregnancy. I also feel healthier, when im not throwing up of course :).

As far as an update on the pregnancy, I wasnt going to check my stats this week since I checked them last week but I want to get them on even weeks SO since this week is week ten I went ahead and checked them tonight.

Blood pressure:110/70

Fundal Height: 12 cm

Im going to order the urine tests soon to start testing the protein and glucose and such. Not in too much of a rush. I am feeling good so 🙂 Will post another update at 12 weeks 🙂 If you have any questions about unassisted birth or pregnancy please contact me 🙂


9 weeks and counting


Well as you all know I have been wanting to do my own prenatal care. I had two appointments with my OBGYN just to check on things. And even though I trust him it did make me anxious and worried for no absolute reason at all. I am now back to doing it on my own. This week I checked my stats and Im going to be ordering urine tests this weekend to check my protein and glucose levels in my urine. My fundal height is about 10-11 cms which means im measuring about a week or two ahead which is fine 🙂 My blood pressure is 100/64 and I feel mostly really healthy just normal morning sickness. Well normal for me lol I usually throw up once or twice a day. That past two days have been good though 🙂

J and I have been talking about what kind of birth we want. I will be coming back to arizona from germany to have the baby. We are pretty much set on a homebirth and now just deciding whether we want a midwife to attend or not. The reason I am coming home is because J will be deploying sometime before baby comes. But this weekend Im going to order some books to do some research and see what I really want and feel comfortable with. Will wrtie in the next few days with a more complete update.