Headcovering Day 3


For the past 3 days I have been covering my head along with dressing modestly whenever I walk out of my house. I actually almost reached for my scarf to cover my head when the doorbell rang yesterday. I didnt but now thinking I probably should have since that was my first instinct.

This is similar to how I wear my scarf but I cover ALL of my hair up as well as my neck.

This is just because I havent learned to wrap it the fabulous way that women who wear hijab do.

One day I will 🙂 There are wonderful videos on youtube to show you how to wrap the headscarfs. I do not clothe myself completely the hijab way which is only hands,face, and feet not completely covered. But they wear shoes so technically face and hands are shown. I do come close though. Wearing 3/4 sleeves most of the time and then dresses or skirts to the floor. Now I just find this stuff more comfortable and less eye turning. Yes people look at me differently because first off my head is covered which is NOT common in the U.S unfortunately. Secondly, because I am white and my head is covered. In my 3 days I have not received anything really mean or any real questions from strangers. People just seem to go with it even though you can see the curiousity on their faces. Especially people at stores who I come in contact with about once a week. I do notice that I do not get men gawking at me anymore. Which I cannot tell you what a relief that is! I also love how it makes me feel. I feel in check when Im out. I feel like the image is something I need to live up to. This is a God given dress code. I HAVE to conduct myself in a Godly manner. Again as in all of my posts these are my personal feelings. Anyways, today was easier to go out covered. I think because it just becomes another part of getting dressed. Just like putting on sox and shoes. It is very warm, glad its winter here instead of summer lol.

Also, submitting to God has a powerful effect. I could easily decide not to do it since I am so nervous about people and how they view what I am choosing to do. And I never considered myself to be a vain person. However, since choosing to do this God has helped me realize that I do care what others think. I need to stop that and focus on what God thinks and worry about impressing him. Not others in this world. I need to make my heavenly father proud of me first.

Also, Im hoping to be able to tell more and more women how empowering it is to go out covered and modest. If you are married, or better yet single. Wondering why it is you keep getting jerk guys who just use you and treat you like crap. Try dressing modestly and covering and see what kind of guy God brings to you. I read or watched a blog somewhere within the last few days, the lady said that its like men are forced to look at her face and get to know HER. They are not tempted to stare at her body parts reserved only for her future husband. They see a lady not a pleasure object. That was eye opening! Boy if I had only known that years ago eh?! lol However, I am glad that my husband saw potential in me. My husband is my inspiration in all of this as well. Not only am I concerned with pleasing my heavenly father, I am concerned with pleasing my husband. I want to be seen as a wife who honors her husband in every aspect. Even though Josh is not home right now while God is making these changes in me, I believe Josh will love the fact that only he gets to see the unmodest me 🙂 He gets to see me the way God created me and no one else! How beautiful is that?! Well, Im hoping to get pictures within the next few days of me covered and dressed modestly. Here are some more pics of modest dress and hijab. God bless you. Fell free to comment with any questions.

This is similar to how I dress or I wear jumper dresses with 3/4 sleeve sweater underneath since it is winter lol Then add the head covering.

Now I have not fully converted my wardrobe over to all dresses or skirts. So sometimes I am forced to wear loose jeans with an appropriate shirt. I did this yesterday, did NOT feel modest enough. Hopefully when hubby is home he can take me to find some more modest dresses and skirts! Hope you all enjoyed the post!


About amotherslove4ever

I am a stay at home christian mother to two boys; ages 4yrs old(D) and 14 months old(R). I am also an army wife to my darling husband J. We are considered "old fashioned" I think. We are homeschooling the boys right now. We have also tried cloth diapers, babywearing, and now trying Elimination Communication. We are christians and we will soon be taking classes to be catholic christians! We love the lord and our family. We hope to have more children in the near future. God Bless. I hope you enjoy our family journeys.

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