Wonderful comes in a blue!


I am so ecstatic for tomorrow! Tonight I went out and bought the boys’ school stuff so we can do more lessons and fun activities! Paints, baby crayons, giant paper tablets, letter stamps, etc.

Lesson Plan for Tuesday

Compare Leaves of two plants

Have D write in his journal about the plants, their similarities and differences. Then draw a picture of the plants.

If we have time, have him start on leaf poster project.

Have music/dance time with the boys.

Story time and work on sign language.

R is learning fish this week 🙂 Need to figure out some new signs for D too

Mommas School To-Do List

Read Chapter 6 in Criminal Justice

Do research for CRMJ Paper.

Read Chapter 7 in Foundations

For the FlyLady challenge we are starting back on Day 10 since I got sick and was not able to complete this day. Hopefully I will be able to complete all this stuff! I think if I stick with it I should be able to. My schoolwork really should only take about 2 hours so if I do an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, maybe when I put the boys down, then I will be good. Well I better get to sleep so I have plenty of energy to do all this in the morning 🙂


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