A Brand New Day


Today was a great Monday! I am starting to like Mondays, they are a brand new start, fresh and clean week. Great time to start new changes. This week we are all feeling better, so time to get back to my routines! I received my books in the mail that I will be reviewing! SOO excited!

I also started back up with homeschooling D! This is what I am really ecstatic about 🙂 I have been doing a lot of thinking and research and I really feel that he is supposed to be in the home. Public school just isnt going to work for our family I dont think. So, today we started with a science lesson. Comparing plants. He looked and described the plants leaves, then counted them. We wrote it all down and then added up the leaves 🙂 I was so proud of him! We also had a discussion about how plants need water and sunlight. We then did music and dance time! This was a lot of fun! Tomorrow we are going to look at another plant and then compare the two as well as do some math and writing. Then on wednesday I am going to have him paint a picture of the leaves to put into his learning binder! I am so glad Im getting back into this. I am doing storytime with R after nap so that he can start learning as well, and then we will play with blocks and work on sign language 🙂 This week we are learning the sign for fish!

Tonight I will write the bible study and put up my goal for FlyLady challenge for tomorrow 🙂 Hope you all have a blessed day!



About amotherslove4ever

I am a stay at home christian mother to two boys; ages 4yrs old(D) and 14 months old(R). I am also an army wife to my darling husband J. We are considered "old fashioned" I think. We are homeschooling the boys right now. We have also tried cloth diapers, babywearing, and now trying Elimination Communication. We are christians and we will soon be taking classes to be catholic christians! We love the lord and our family. We hope to have more children in the near future. God Bless. I hope you enjoy our family journeys.

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